Lufthansa Announces Plans to Offer Premium Economy

By Jesse Sokolow on 7 December 2012
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Lufthansa check-in area at JFK

Lufthansa announced that it will equip its entire long-haul fleet with a premium economy section, although the airline hasn’t yet announced what amenities it will offer to passengers.  Starting in 2013, the airline will begin to plan out the exact features to be offered and determine a timetable for implementation.

Premium Economy is meant to bridge the gap between business class and economy class.  Many major airlines, including US Airways, United Airlines, Delta, and British Airways have premium economy sections.

These sections typically offer travelers more legroom and seat pitch than economy class.  In addition, some airlines offer premium economy passengers such amenities as priority boarding, an increased luggage allowance, and upgraded seats, meals, and drinks.

(Photo: Jonathan Spira)

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