Lobby Bar – December 28: Klaus’ Workout Plan, Vegas Odds, and Partying into 2013

By Dan Collins on 28 December 2012
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Poor but sexy. Running between Berlin, Germany’s airports burns a lot of calories. Find out how much longer this European capital will be a pain to get to.

Forget Harvard. Try these odds. Delta was inundated by 22,000 applicants for 300 Flight attendant positions.

Times Square is Cold. Germany is colder. Find out what the German tradition for the New Year is, and perhaps save yourself the frostbite.

That’s not even the wine talking. Dan Collins arrived at Solage Calistoga after dark, and was in for a surprise the next morning. Hint: it wasn’t a hangover.

Learning a new language. Jonathan Spira buys a 13” MacBook Pro with Retina display. I was convinced that this was proof enough that the Mayans were right.

Mile High Club. Now boarding. LV Air says it plans to help Vegas-goers start the party early in 2013 although it doesn’t have any planes or money. Wagers on whether or not Louis Vuitton will sue?

Saving a few trees. China introduces a 72-hour visa-free travel policy in Beijing. Now you have time for one last in-flight cocktail before landing.


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