Apple MacBook Pro 13” Retina Laptop Computer – Review

By Jonathan Spira on 26 December 2012
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First, full disclosure: this is the first time I am using a Mac, having been a confirmed PC user for many years. DSC_0361-EDUntil recently, I would have described myself as as a ThinkPad fan, having admired the great products and innovations that came out of IBM (and, later on, Lenovo) dating back to the original ThinkPad’s butterfly keyboard.  But my most recent ThinkPad, the X1, has proven to be a disappointment, since it never lived up to the expectations I had for it based on my rather favorable experiences with its predecessors, such as the ThinkPad X300.  The fact that the X1 ran hot enough to burn my thigh repeatedly and usually sounded like a jet engine ready for takeoff further heightened the disappointment, but I digress.

The Apple MacBook Pro 13” with Retina display came in an elegant and somewhat utilitarian small white box, perhaps befitting its smaller stature.  I turned it on and the simple installation and setup process, including finding my Wi-Fi network and network drives, took just a few minutes.

Before I continue, a bit DSC_0308of history is required. Introduced in 2006, the original MacBook Pro evolved from Apple’s PowerBook line of higher-performance laptops, concurrent with Apple’s switch from proprietary PowerPC processors to Intel.  In 2008, the MacBook Pro line received the unique aluminum unibody design with a case made from a single block of aluminum that continues to be a staple of Apple design today. The MacBook Pro also introduced Apple’s MagSafe magnetic power connectors, designed with the mobile user in mind (more on this later). With these innovations, and the move to Intel processors, Apple began to make inroads in the corporate world and it has been an increasingly major player there ever since.

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