LVRE Launches Luxury Passenger Service Between Las Vegas and Los Angeles

By Jesse Sokolow on 20 November 2012
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Las Vegas Railway Express (LVRE) has announced it will provide luxury passenger train service between Las Vegas and Los Angeles over the Union pacific Railroad.  The service, known as the “X Train,”is expected to begin in late 2013.

LVRE signed an agreement with The Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for 3,100 square feet of meeting space to be used for terminal operations, as well as an additional 1,900 square feet of space to be used for food options.

Pioneer first introduced luxury train travel in 1864.  In 1867, the company introduced the first “hotel cars.”These included dining and sleeping options.  Luxury train service fell out of favor with the rise of jet travel but has recently seen a comeback

 (Photo: Lasvegaslover)

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