Boeing Reaches Firm Concept Milestone for 737 Max

By Jesse Sokolow on 15 November 2012
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Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft has reached its “firm concept” milestone.  This means that the aircraft is fairly close to its final configuration and the latest iteration includes significant changes that are needed for the 737 Max to deliver the performance that the company has promised its customers.

The Firm Concept includes new LEAP-1B engines from CFM International and a redesigned tail cone, as well as Advanced Technology winglets.  Limited systems changes that Boeing has also decided to incorporate include an electronic bleed air system.

The flight deck will include four new large displays with significant growth capability.  Boeing has also further refined the geometric shape of the aircraft, eliminating the hump on the nose-gear door.

The factory plan for the 737 Max has also been defined. This includes a 737 transition line, where the new aircraft will be constructed before being integrated into the existing 737 production lines.  The first 737 Max is scheduled for delivery in 2017.


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