Amazon to Customers: Buy Apple Products from Apple to Ensure They are Genuine

By Jonathan Spira on 15 November 2012
  • Share is one of the first places that millions of people around the globe go to, in order to find and buy anything from books to music to electronics and, as of last week, wine.  Having successfully ordered everything from books to flatscreen TVs to cookware from the company, Amazon was the first place I turned to when the Smart Cover for my iPad began to fray.

My initial expectation was that I would quickly find the Smart Cover for my iPad and receive it quickly, having experienced quick fulfillment times and with Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping, possibly even saving a few dollars in the process.  But when I looked at the search results on Amazon, the prices on the genuine Smart Cover by Apple seemed too good to be true, as much as 73% off the $39.99 retail price.

This raised some suspicions, so I started to read the customer reviews and this is what I found:

“Fake Smart Cover”
“You Take Your Chances”

Indeed, one highly-rated review was rather revealing:

“I’m hugely disappointed by the fact that out of all these reviews on this product, NO ONE managed to figure out that this is a KNOCK OFF of an apple product. It should be illegal for this seller to say that this is “by Apple” under the products title. When it arrived in the mail, I immediately knew it was a knock off. The packaging was cheap, the pictures printed on the back of the packaging had crappy resolution and were printed by a crappy printer. What made me absolutely sure that it was fake, is that it does not have the trademark “Designed by apple in California” which all GENUINE smart covers have printed on the inside in very small text. My friend has one of the real smart covers, and I compared it to his, it was obvious that the metal part of the cover where the hinge is was made out of a cheaper, lighter material.”

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