Lobby Bar – October 26: Sticking It to the System, Checking Out of the Sky, Cute Little Sea Otter Pups

By Dan Collins on 26 October 2012
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

Stingy Travel Guidelines? We hate those too. Check out Jesse Sokolow’s roadmap to Premium Economy and make the best of it.

Save the Sea Otters. Even the stuffed ones. Jonathan Spira checks into the InterContinental The Clement hotel in Monterrey, California, mostly because the Otter made him do it.

No more Flying Hotels. Singapore Airlines ends the world’s two longest flights, between Singapore and Los Angeles and Singapore and Newark. But they had just installed the beds!

Cupertino Downsizes. Samsung at the ready, since the new iPad Mini is the same size as the Galaxy S III. We tell you what happened, after getting neither trampled nor drugged at the San Francisco press conference.

A Warning Would Be Nice… Laws and tax credits for biodiesel leave legions of drivers with unsupported cars. Find out if you’re affected.

McDonalds Fueling Flights? Boeing jumps on the biofuel bandwagon. Will the new Dreamliner’s warranty become void in some states?

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