Dassault Introduces Improved Falcon 2000LXS Business Jet

By Dan Collins on 30 October 2012
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Falcon 2000LXS

Falcon 2000LXS

ORLANDO – French aircraft maker Dassault unveiled the newest iteration of the Falcon business jet, the 2000LXS. Improvements over its predecessor, the Falcon 2000LX, include increased airport maneuverability, a larger payload, and improvements in its six-passenger cabin.

Inside the twin-engine business jet, a new cabin management system dubbed “FalconCabin HD+,” will allow passengers to control everything from the high-definition monitors to window shades with their iPhones or iPod touches, and extra sound deadening will result in a 2 decibel reduction in noise. An advanced satellite communications platform will allow for broadband access as well as enhanced communications abilities in the cockpit are now standard.

The addition of the S also applies to the aircraft’s performance figures. The Falcon 2000 LXS makes use of Pratt and Whitney’s latest turbofan engines, which reduce Nitrous Oxide emissions by 20% from the last generation, and with no sacrifice in power. The more-fuel efficient aircraft can reach more airports as well, using modifications to the wing design to allow it to land with 4,675 feet of runway (1425 meters).

Deliveries of the Falcon 2000LXS are slated to begin in 2014, and the 4,000 nautical mile business jet will start around $34 million.

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