Austrian Airlines Gives Long-Haul Fleet 90 Million Euro Makeover

By Jesse Sokolow on 16 October 2012
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Austrian Airlines' new long haul Business class seats

Austrian’s new long-haul Business Class seats

Austrian Airlines is installing new modern cabins in its long-haul aircraft. The makeover, which will cost the airline over 90 million euros, will see all ten of Austrian’s Boeing 777 and 767 long-haul aircraft receive ergonomic Economy Class seats, an improved in-flight entertainment system, and fully-flat seats in Business Class. The airline is also reworking the entire interior color scheme of its aircraft.

The new ergonomic Economy Class seats will have a pitch of 12” (31 cm) and will recline six degrees. The seats will also automatically move forward when passengers recline the back, and will be arranged as before, with a 3-4-3 layout on Boeing 777s and a 2-3-2 on Boeing 767s.

New Business Class seats will be fully-flat, able to recline into 6-foot beds. They will also include an air cushion system to allow passengers to adjust the degree of hardness of their seats, from soft to firm. The seats will have three different seating positions: Upright, Relax, and Sleep, and movable armrests will allow the seats to widen from 20″ (50.8 cm) to almost 24″ (70 cm).

Austrian new in-flight entertainment system will now feature Video & Audio on Demand in both Business and Economy Class. The new system will include up-to-date movies, audio, games, information, shopping, and various e-reading materials. Content will be accessed via 15″ touch screens in Business Class, and 9″ touch screens in Economy Class. Austrian Airlines’ long-haul network includes destinations such as New York, Washington, D.C., and Toronto in North America, and Bangkok, Tokyo, Delhi, and Beijing in Asia.

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