Japan Airlines Launches Revamp of In-Flight Products and Services

By Jesse Sokolow on 14 September 2012
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Redesigned JAL Suite seat

Redesigned JAL Suite seat

Japan Airlines has launched JAL New Sky Project, a revamp of its in-flight services and products program on board 13 of its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The airline will be making changes and additions in all four of its cabins’ services and amenities, introducing new menus, and renaming each of the new 777s as JAL Sky Suite 777, or SS7 in timetables.

The eight seats in First Class, known as JAL Suite, will have wooden trim, a darker color leather, 23″ TVs (20% increase from the previous screens), and new LCD touch-panel hand-held controllers, in addition to the cabin’s continued use of Tempur mattresses and pillows. The 49 seats in Business Class, soon to be renamed JAL Sky Suite, will have fully flat beds with mattress pads and specially designed airweave pillows, as well as the LCD touch-panel controllers featured in JAL Suite. The lavatories in JAL Suite and JAL Sky Suite will also be fitted with Toto designer toilets.

The 40 JAL Sky Premium seats, currently Premium Economy Class, will each be upgraded with a 12.1“ personal touch-panel TV (a 35% increase in size). There will also be increased seat slide by ca. 2.8”, a center divider at head-level in between seats to provide more privacy, and a 4” increase in seat pitch. The 135 Economy seats will be dubbed JAL Sky Wider, and will feature 10.6” touch-panel TVs, a bottle and smartphone holder with USB port, and increases in seat pitch (3”) and width (0.8”).

Along with the alterations in each of its cabins, JAL will also be introducing new menu items, available to customers onboard flights to Europe, North America, Australia, and South East Asia. A team of four Japanese chefs have created original menus for JAL Suite and JAL Sky Suite and all other sections will be served seasonal items and its AIR Series meals, and will be upgraded to new tablewares.

The first JAL New Sky Project aircraft will be deployed in January 2013, on the airline’s daily route from Tokyo Narita to London Heathrow. The changes will then be progressively expanded onto other European and North American routes, such as Narita to JFK.

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