Bobino Cord Wrap – Review

By Jonathan Spira on 13 September 2012
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At the same time I discovered the Bobino Driinn mobile phone holder in the gift shop at the Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen, I also found the equally clever Bobino Cord Wrap.

The Bobino Cord Wrap is a cord keeper that comes in three sizes and multiple colors including black, white, red, and blue.

Most frequent travelers have several chargers and electrical cords they must carry with them on trips and the wires from these frequently become tangled.  An acquaintance posits the theory that cable fairies come out at night and braid all cords they find.

But back to the gift shop.  I hadn’t seen this item anywhere else so I bought a few of each size in white and black.

Using the Cord Wrap is easy.  Simply wind your cord around the reel and you are good to go.  I immediately used a small black one for a USB charger which had a particularly long and tangle-prone cord and used a large white one on the cord from my blow dryer at home.

The Cord Wrap works nicely in conjunction with the Bobino Driinn mobile phone holder in terms of keeping the cord out of the way while charging my mobile.  It effectively lets you shorten or lengthen a cable quite easily.   It’s flat and takes up no additional space when in use and the larger ones can also be used to deal with cable clutter on your desk or in the kitchen.

The Bobino Cord Wrap is available in a set of three at for $9.98.  Other colors and sizes are also available.


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