2013 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost AWD – Review

By Jonathan Spira on 19 September 2012
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Appropriately enough, a silver Lincoln MKT was waiting for me when I returned from spending several days in Dearborn getting an update on the Ford Motor Company’s future strategy.  Once I slid behind the wheel and spent some time with the car, I realized that the MKT was indeed a big part of the automaker’s future.

The MKT, Lincoln says that the “T” stands for Touring, is a seven-passenger luxury crossover that competes with the Acura MDX, Audi Q7, Infiniti JX, and Mercedes-Benz R-Class (which is no longer available in the States).    My MKT came with all-wheel drive and a 335-horsepower EcoBoost V-6 that provides excellent acceleration and fuel economy for a vehicle of it size (it outdoes the Q7 4.2 FSI quattro in both of these areas). The standard model has a less-powerful V-6 and front-wheel drive.

The MKT was updated for 2013, both inside and out.   The all-new split grill and front fascia are  a bit less tall than the original MKT, but the two-tier beltline and unusual bustle-back rear end remain.


Climb into the cabin and the interior immediately begins to impress.  Driver and passenger(s) are surrounded by rich, high quality materials, excellent leather, and super comfortable seats.  While the car drives nicely (see next section), I’d much rather be a passenger, as the large interior is meant for stretching out and relaxing.  The second row of seats is akin to business-class seating and it became clear to me why Lincoln will be marketing a version of the MKT to replace the recently-discontinued Lincoln Town Car in livery fleets across the country.

Indeed, Peter Horbury, Lincoln’s director of design at the time of the launch of the MKT Concept, said that the automaker envisioned the car as “a Learjet of the road.”

The interior benefits from the standard fixed-glass panoramic roof, which adds to the openness and roominesss.  According to Lincoln, a built-in refrigerator located in the second row’s, center console is a popular option.

The third row isn’t quite as spacious, in fact I’d say it’s for kids, small ones at that.  But the fact that one can fit a family of seven into the MKT with great comfort, is a statement unto itself.   The third-row seats fold (with the press of a button) into the cargo cavity, leaving a flat floor that is even with the bumper in their wake.  Behind them, the tailgate’s inner panel is made of magnesium and the outer panel is aluminum, resulting in a 20-pound (9 kg) weight reduction over a conventional steel structure.

One thing that drove me and others who drove the MKT a bit crazy were the touch-sensitive volume and fan-speed controls.  It took a while to figure out exactly what the best method of attack was (slide your finger gently across the long bar or slider control).  It was difficult to gauge how far to drag your finger along the slider and that sometimes resulted in too much (or too little) volume or too high (or too low) a fan speed.

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