Swiss Business Class Flight 14 Zurich – New York JFK – Review

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I was offered a pre-departure beverage (I chose water) and a cabin attendant used the hanger marked 6A for my coat.

At my seat, I found a small amenity kit with socks, eye shade (the kind with two smaller straps, which I prefer as they’re more comfortable than the ones with a big thick strap that presses your ears against your head), a toothbrush and toothpaste, and lip balm.

The captain announced that we would have a departure delay of roughly 40 minutes but he added that he expected a flying time of eight hours and 30 minutes and on time arrival.

We started with an appetizer of San Pietro ham with ricotta, asparagus, and olive salad.  It was an unusual combination but it worked quite nicely.

Some freshly-baked breads and rolls accompanied the appetizer and the bread in particular was excellent.

Choices for the main course included chicken ragout, salmon and king prawns with a cilantro cream sauce and vegetable couscous or artichoke ravioli with a lemon cream sauce and I selected the hazelnut-encrusted filet of beef with potato gratin and mushrooms.  The beef was tasty but a bit overcooked.  I liked the concept of using hazelnuts as a crust and may try it in my own cooking.

A cheese plate that included Gottardo, Robiola and Gruyère was served with pear bread and grapes.  The pear bread was delightful.

For dessert, I couldn’t make up my mind between the rhubard crème and strawberry mousse (which was topped with Szechuan pepper, sesame crumble) or the fresh fruit salad, so naturally I had to sample both.

Since we hadn’t quite yet had enough food, a “movie snack” of Mövenpick vanilla ice cream was also served.

Before landing a few hours later, a light meal comprised of sliced roast beef with Tartar sauce accompanied by panzanella salad was offered. The Panzanella salad, whose main components are stale bread that has been soaked in water and squeezed dry, tomatoes, cucumber, and olive oil, was delicious and something new to my palate.

Since this was a Swiss flight, I decided to try a white Merlot, a specialty of the Swiss canton of Ticino.  It had pleasant and fruity notes and nicely complemented my meal.


As the captain had predicted, we arrived in New York on time at John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4.  As is my custom, I only had my carry-on bags with me so I was soon on my way to passport control, where I used Global Entry to avoid a long line, and was outside the terminal just a few minutes after reaching the gate.


This was my second trans-Atlantic flight on Swiss and it was a gratifying experience.  Most airlines don’t have lie-flat beds that are truly horizontal . Swiss does and that really did make a difference, even on daytime flights when I only want to take a comfortable nap.  (On my overnight flight to Zurich, thanks largely to the horizontal bed, I was able to get a good night’s sleep and was fully awake and ready for my meetings upon arrival.)

In addition, I found the service and food both excellent and the crew displayed what one could only refer to as true Swiss hospitality.

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