Delta First Class New York LGA to Atlanta Flight 2047 – Review

By Jonathan Spira on 21 August 2012
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Delta 757 bulkhead row in first class

On my way to connect to a flight to Greenville-Spartanburg with Christian Stampfer, our European editor, I was looking very much forward to our flight’s departure from LaGuardia Airport.  This wasn’t because of the ambience (there isn’t any) or the amenities (the new SkyClub in the Delta terminal happens to be rather nice).  Rather, it was because I was on a domestic flight on Delta leaving from LaGuardia, which meant that I would be eligible to use the PreCheck security lane instead of going through the standard security screening.

I was through the security checkpoint rather quickly, and I waited for Christian to catch up so we could head to the SkyClub for a brief respite before proceeding to the gate.


PreCheck Lane at Delta’s LaGuardia terminal

Delta invites first class passengers to board first and expedited boarding is also available anytime via the SkyPriority queue. Despite the early hour (this was an 8 a.m. flight),  things were busy inside the cabin.  A flight attendant offered me a pre-departure beverage and asked if I wanted to have my jacket hung up.  Individual bottles of water were at  each first class seat.

Soon enough, boarding had been completed, the door was closed, and we were pushing back a bit ahead of schedule.


The Boeing 757 had six rows of first class seats for a total of 24 seats. I was in seat 1A, a bulkhead window.  While most people seem not to like bulkhead seats, I am a fan of them, primarily because no one is in front of me reclining.  The pitch between rows of first-class seats was 37” (somewhat less than what other carriers provide on similar aircraft) and the seat itself was a comfortable 20.5” wide.


We were airborne much sooner than I had expected.  We took off within minutes of leaving the gate, something I am quite unaccustomed to.

Delta first-class breakfast

Once we were aloft, our cabin crew offered hot towels and beverages in anticipation of serving breakfast.  I hadn’t had time to eat at home so I was a bit hungry and this was my first domestic breakfast flight on Delta, so I was curious as to what would be offered.

Soon enough I was presented with the breakfast tray, which included yoghurt, granola, milk, a croissant, butter and jelly, and a fruit platter that certainly hit the spot.  The flight attendants left us alone long enough to eat breakfast but they did check in from time to time to refill coffee and offer more water and juice.  Trays were cleared promptly.

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