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By Jonathan Spira on 6 July 2012
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A few years back, my brother Greg Spira designed our magazine’s original website, then called Executive Road Warrior.  He wanted to create an easy-to-read page with plenty of white space and lots of visuals.  I think he succeeded beyond our expectations.

A few months before Greg passed away, he made some substantive changes to the site in the name of navigability, including the addition of a uniform footer on every page.

On July 1, we launched Frequent Business Traveler 2.0.   Working with our CTO Jeff Lambert, we kept the best aspects of Greg’s original vision, widened the page slightly, created a photo captioning system, and now personalize your visit with your local temperature and city information on the masthead of the main page.  In addition, we added a new advertising engine that will give us better control over where ads are displayed.

Under the direction of editor-in-chief Eva Leonard, we’ve added a new editorial section, Cards and Points, to focus on credit and charge card programs and frequent flyer and guest loyalty programs.  Assistant editor Michael Acampora has been improving navigation for our Destination Guides section. You can now select guides by country, as well as by city and we’ve added country-specific news as well.

Finally, we’ve formed a research partnership with FlyerTalk, the world’s largest online community for travel, and their 400,000+ members are actively participating in our surveys and polls (there’s one going on right now, so please join right in and tell us What Are Your Top Air Travel Pet Peeves).

We’re already working on Frequent Business Traveler 3.0, which will include more content and features, so stay tuned.

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