Next Stop Penn Station: Makeover Planned

By Andrew Lief on 2 July 2012
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Penn Station, New York City’s major intercity rail hub, is finally getting a makeover. The terminal, home to Amtrak, Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit and the New York City Subway system, has  11 platforms and 21 tracks that transport 230,000 people every weekday. The underground hub was last renovated in 1964.

Today the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) announced it will work with Aecom, a construction firm, to study what can be done to ease commuter traffic and enhance the terminal’s current aesthetics.

Aecom is scheduled to complete its report by the end of the year, but the resultant plan, due to space and architectural limitations, will be limited in its scope and will not attempt to make what essentially occupies basement space into a second Grand Central Terminal.

The renovation will be paid for by the MTA’s five year capital plan, which starts in 2015.  It is unrelated to the $267 million Moynihan Station project, which will turn the Farley Post Office into an elegant entryway for Penn Station.

(Photo: Pennsylvania Station in 1911)


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