Impact of Monday Malware Threat Expected to Be Minimal

By Paul Riegler on 8 July 2012
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Computer malware that would cause computers to be unable to surf the Web has been largely eradicated and only a relatively small group of computer users is likely to be affected tomorrow.

Green means go for Monday.

The malware was created by a group of hackers and designed to reroute computers users from legitimate websites to look-alike copies.  The FBI shut down the ring, indicting six Estonians and one Russian in the process, and came up with a unique solution to address the malware the group had created, which remained active and on computers even after the hacker group had been disbanded.  By that time, the hackers had already started to take control of over 570,000 computers around the world.

As part of Operation Ghost Click, the FBI obtained a court order that allowed it to contract for the creation of a set of two clean servers that supported infected computers and ensured they would reach legitimate websites.  As a result, most people whose computers were infected by the virus remained unaware and the impact was minimal.

At one minute after midnight on Monday, however, the FBI will have to shut down the servers because the court order was not renewed.  As a result, major Internet service providers including AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon have put plans into place to limit the impact to their customers.

Despite the FBI’s containment efforts, which means that thousands instead of millions will be affected, the malware threat has received non-stop coverage on cable-news programs, newspapers, and blogs, with headlines such as “Is Monday Internet Doomsday?”.

If you want to find out if your computer is infected, you can click here and the DNS Changer website will alert you with a red screen if you face a problem.  If your computer is clean, the screen will display green.

If you are reading this on Monday, however, you can rest assured that your computer was not compromised.



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