FreshDirect Chef’s Table Customer Loyalty Program – Review

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Preparing an order is a bit different.  You can leave items in your virtual shopping cart (and in the case of an on-line grocer such as FreshDirect, the cart analogy starts to make a lot more sense) and come back to it later.

A package arrives from FreshDirect

While there are more than a few items that FreshDirect doesn’t stock, I haven’t found anything that was a deal breaker.

Delivery has generally been excellent and on time.  With the exception of a period of several months, when eggs were arriving far too ready for the omelette pan than the refrigerator, the only problem that’s occurred was on a very recent order where a box containing apple juice, beer, and mineral water was leaking and the delivery man left it in the truck, explained to me what happened and apologized profusely.

So back to the Chef’s Table.

I’ve already come across one situation where I really needed to have a delivery scheduled the next day, and the dedicated Chef’s Table customer service team was able to get me a slot very quickly.

Reserving a delivery timeslot

Since certain delivery slots are a valuable commodity, akin to priority boarding if you put it in airline terms, the ability to reserve such slots and have access to the limited-access slots has been extremely valuable to me.

I’ve gotten a few “gifts” from FreshDirect, extra items included in my order with a note thanking me for being a Chef’s Table member, and I’ve regularly booked a delivery slot in advance.

If you think you’re going to use FreshDirect on a regular basis, you might want to consider purchasing a six-month Delivery Pass, giving you unlimited deliveries for six months for $59 dollars (delivery is normally $5.99, so the breakeven point is reached by the tenth delivery).


While FreshDirect indicates on its website that its “best agents” man the Chef’s Table line, this is the one area where the company occasionally falls short. While everyone I have spoken with has been pleasant, more than a few encounters demonstrated a lack of knowledge, or a failure to pay attention to key details, such as changing an incorrect contact number and then calling me on the incorrect number.

Finally, you may be wondering about the quality of the food.  In general, items such as fish or meat are quite good. I’m especially fond of their salmon offerings, as well as different lamb cuts the store frequently has on sale and the dairy product selection is excellent. Pricing is fair. My favorite milk, free of antibiotics and added hormones, is noticeably less expensive than at the local supermarket, and very few items are more expensive. And, most importantly, I never have to wait in line.

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