First Hotel Twentyseven, Copenhagen, Denmark – Review

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The room featured free WiFi, but the electrical outlets were deficient in number and location. The desk – really just a shelf that folded out from the built-in shelving units – was small and was furnished with a basic chair. When seated in this area, there was little room for another person to walk behind to the window or the far side of the bed. For anything other than a short-term stay, the in-room business support was inadequate.


Room pricing included the bountiful European-style breakfast buffet complete with cereals, breads, spreads, sliced meats, cheeses (and an ingenious guest-operated cheese slicer), fruit, juices, and hot beverages. We didn’t dine in the hotel’s restaurant, but did visit its bars.

In particular, on our last night, we visited the IceBar Copenhagen, that city’s first permanent bar made out of ice harvested from the Torne River in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, located 200km north of the Arctic Circle. The interior of the IceBar is kept at minus five degrees Centigrade year round and all interiors are made out of ice – including the glasses used to serve customer beverages.

Adjacent to the hotel, The IceBar can be reached through a side entrance connecting the two buildings. First stop, reminiscent of visiting an amusement park, was the lobby area complete with souvenirs, cold weather gear and the bar guide. Each 150DKK admission (roughly $25 U.S.) covers visits of up to 45 minutes and includes hooded parka, boot and glove rental, and one drink.

When we entered the bar, the cold hit us in the face (and other exposed parts, such as my wife’s sandaled feet). Groups of bar-goers huddled, ice drinks in hand, with lots of laughter ringing throughout the room. The bar itself is made of ice; as are the walls and tables. Mats spread on the floor prevent major wipeouts.


Overall, the hotel was welcoming and the service staff worked hard to make our stay enjoyable. All requests were handled quickly and expertly. We would have enjoyed a bit more space in our room – but given the amount of time we were indoors versus sightseeing, this was to be a minor concern. Convenient to many tourist attractions, First Hotel Twentyseven proved to be a positive part of our Copenhagen experience.

First Hotel Twentyseven
Løngangstræde 27
1468 Copenhagen Denmark
+45 7027 5627


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