Amtrak Plans High-Speed Service for Boston, New York, Philly, DC

By Paul Riegler on 13 July 2012
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Amtrak Acela train at 30th Street Station, Phila.

Amtrak announced plans to build a high-speed bullet train network that will run from Boston to Washington, with stops in New York and Philadelphia, by 2040.  The passenger railroad’s “visioning plan” conceptualizes the next generation of high-speed rail service to service the region.

The next-generation high-speed rail service will be capable of reaching speeds of 220 mph (340 km/h).  A trip from New York to Philadelphia would take 37 minutes; Boston to New York would require 94 minutes.

Amtrak currently serves the region, known as the Northeast Corridor, with its Acela Express trains, introduced into service in late 2000.  While the Acela is considered high-speed for the United States – it is capable of achieving 150 mph (240 km/h) – its average speed is less than half that.

The Northeast Corridor is Amtrak’s busiest and the railroad is said to have as much as 37% of combined air/rail traffic.

By 2015, Amtrak will add 40 additional Acela cars to its fleet.  By 2020, it hopes to double the frequency of service between New York and Washington and, by 2025, it hopes to treble that service and provide hourly service between New York and Boston as part of the expansion of the Moynihan/Penn Station facilities.

By 2030, Amtrak plans to have next-generation high-speed rail service in place between New York and Washington  and it will introduce the service between New York and Boston by 2040.

Today, when the service is running on time, a trip from Boston’s South Station to Pennsylvania Station in New York City takes roughly 3.5 hours.  By car, regardless of whether one takes I-84 or I-90/CT-15, the same trip would take four hours without traffic.

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