American, Boeing, and the FAA Partner on ecoDemonstrator Plane

By Michael Acampora on 11 July 2012
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Cockpit of a 737-800

American Airlines, Boeing, and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have partnered to construct a Next Generation 737-800, called the ecoDemonstrator, outfitted with new environmentally friendly technologies.

The ecoDemonstrator will soon begin flight-testing in Montana, with the hopes of finding new ways to apply more fuel efficient, sustainable technologies to commercial flight.

The FAA is participating in the program by providing funding for some of the new technologies through the Continuous Lower Energy Emission and Noise program (Cleen), and splitting the costs of the test flights.

American Airlines has continuously been an innovator in fuel efficiency. The carrier was the first to use one engine during taxiing, which saves 3 million gallons of fuel and nearly 60 million pounds of CO2 emissions a year. American also uses an engine wash program that saves 7 million gallons of a fuel a year, and eliminates 150 million pounds of CO2.

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