American Airlines Flight 785 First Class New York LGA – Dallas/Fort Worth – Review

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Surprisingly, there was no wait at all to take off so we had a fast taxi to the runway and were quickly aloft.  Once we began to level off, flight attendants were in the aisle serving drinks accompanied by warm nuts.  Hot towels were offered just the way I like them – not too wet or and at the perfect temperature to be refreshing.

Soon, it was time for dinner.  There was a choice of two items, tortellini in cream sauce or grilled chicken with rice and beans.   Everything was served on a single tray, including a shrimp appetizer which was quite good and a salad with a creamy dressing and grated parmesan cheese.  The chicken was served before it was really warm enough but heating it up did the trick and it was quite good.

Next came the bread basket filled with whole wheat and sourdough rolls.  I opted for the sourdough, which was warm, crispy, and tasty.

A choice of wine was also offered as were soft drinks.  I selected a subtle but herbaceous 2011 Confin sauvignon blanc from the Anakena Winery in Chile.


American Airlines was the first airline to offer domestic in-flight Internet service and many of its aircraft, including a number of its 737-800 fleet, are equipped with the service. My experiences with Gogo, both on American and on other airlines, has been inconsistent, to say the least.  Sometimes it’s fast (more than sufficient to surf the web, listen to music, chat with friends) and sometimes it’s impossible to send one e-mail message.  For this flight, the speed was more than sufficient for my needs and I was able to work and read news and even listen to music.


As we took off, the captain announced to expect an early arrival and he was right. We arrived 38 minutes ahead of schedule, mostly thanks to the lack of taxi time or delays at LaGuardia.  Since I only had my roll-aboard bag with me, I was in the terminal in a matter of minutes after we reached the gate.


American is one of the airlines I fly on most freqyently and I’ve almost always found the food to be good, the crew to be friendly and helpful, and the seats to be comfortable.  This flight was no exception and it truly was a relaxing and enjoyable experience


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