Wetter.com WeatherHD iPad App Review

By Jonathan Spira on 28 May 2012
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If you go to the app store on your iPad, you’ll find several weather apps called Weather HD.  One of them is particularly useful, wetter.com’s Weather HD.

This is one of the apps I use most, both when traveling and at home.

The app displays a variety of useful information when it opens.  This includes current temperature for your selected location, times for sunrise and sunset, and a seven-day forecast.

The forecast displays each day with detailed information for morning, noon, evening, and night).  With one glance, I can see that the weather in the evening today will be foggy but the overnight period will be cloudy.  In addition, tomorrow morning will be cloudy and by noon, we’ll see light rainshowers.  The likelihood of precipitation (45% risk today) and the amount we’ll likely see (0.0”) are displayed prominently as well.

To get more detailed information for a particular day, simply tap on that day and an hour-by-hour forecast appears.

When on the road, I add the cities I am going to be visiting to Locations. This enables me to quickly select a city with just two taps.  In addition, a quick overview of the weather conditions, wind direction, and temperature is shown when I tap on the locations button.

For some locations, including Austria, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom, the system has a selection of weather maps including rain radar (except for Austria).  The maps include air pressure, humidity, and temperatures.  Video forecasts (with a meteorologist) are available for different regions of Germany.

The app also supports EarthTV (available as an in-app purchase for $0.99) and you can watch live or slightly delayed webcams from over 25 cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Geneva, Macau, Sydney, and Washington, D.C. to get an idea of how the weather is by seeing it.

While the app itself is Germany-centric, it supports English and German.  There is a free version, Weather HD Lite with ads and fewer features .  The full version costs $3.99 and may be found in the Apple app store by entering wetter.com.

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