Sheraton Launches New Wine Program

By Michael Acampora on 16 May 2012
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Sheraton Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Wine Spectator, a magazine known for its wine ratings, to launch the Sheraton Social Hour, a new wine program.

The new program, which will take place three to four times a week, will offer Sheraton guests the opportunity to try a selection of wines at weekly tasting events at over 240 hotels.

North American hotels will serve two 90+ rated Wine Spectator wines, served in Riedel stemware, as part of the tasting. Other locations will have four 90+ wines.  The program will also feature Sheraton Selects, a rotating group of 85+ rated wines.  There is no charge for guests who want to try two of the 90+ wines and  all of the wines can be sampled for $5.

Riedel, based in Austria, is known for its wine glasses designed to enhance the character of a specific kind of wine.  Sheraton will offer Acqua Panna and S. Pellegrino water during the tasting.

(Photo: Riedel Glas Austia)

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