Zurich Airport – Review and Tour

By Jonathan Spira on 31 March 2012
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Recently, I’ve found that I’ve been spending more time in airports. No, I don’t mean I have been flying more. Rather, I have been soaking up the amenities.  While most of the time, I simply want to get through the airport and onto the plane as quickly as possible, there are some airports where I actually viewed the airport as a destination.

This was the case a few weeks ago on a warm but overcast March day at Zurich Airport, or Flughafen Zürich in German. After my flight in from Munich, I had a layover of several hours during which I could explore the airport, before my flight to New York was due to depart.

Zurich Airport (ZRH, in IATA code) is also known as Kloten Airport and is, of course, in Zurich, Switzerland.  It is the country’s largest international gateway and it’s a hub for Swiss International Air Lines.

I knew there was something “different” about this airport as soon as I transferred from Terminal E to the main terminal building.  The Skymetro train, which connects the two, played sounds of the Swiss Alps (I believe I heard cows and yodeling during the two-minute ride.)

A few months before my visit, the airport had opened an outdoor observation deck that put all other airports’ to shame.  Since I had a three-hour layover at the airport later in the month, my plans were set. My inner airplane and airport geek took over and I felt like a kid in Toyland.

Admission to the terrace is five Swiss francs (currently, $5.50) per person and requires a walk through a metal detector as well.

Despite the admission fee and lack of sun, there were lots of people strolling around on the terrace and half a dozen children were busy testing out the new airport-themed playground.  With its control tower and aircraft, I longed to be in the 13-and-under crowd.  (You get to go down the slide from the top of the tower, something air traffic controllers don’t get to do when leaving work.)

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