Swiss Business Class Flight 15 New York JFK – Zurich – Review

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I was offered a pre-departure beverage (as always, I chose water) and a cabin attendant used the hangar marked 12A to hang my coat.

At my seat, I found a small metal amenity kit with socks, eyemask (the kind with two smaller straps, which I prefer as it’s more comfortable than the ones with a big thick strap), a toothbrush and toothpaste, and lip balm.

Given the late hour (we pushed back shortly after our 9 p.m. scheduled departure time but our actual departure was over 30 minutes late due to weather and the fact that only one runway was in operation at JFK), my primary objective was sleep.

I was happy to see that the menu had “Die schnelle Variante” (the quicker option), which was the option to have a single tray prior to the start of the regular meal service, with appetizer, cheese and fruit, and dessert.  This turned out to be just right so I pressed the bed button and was soon off to sleep.


I woke up to hear the sound of breakfast being served.  Prior to departure, the cabin crew had distributed room-service like breakfast menus to passengers and we were to check off what we wanted for breakfast (tea or coffee, orange juice or a smoothie, etc.).  While I was impressed with the Swiss efficiency, I ended up with tea instead of coffee and orange juice instead of the smoothie but that was quickly rectified.  The croissant was warm and delicious.


I slept for most of the flight, that in itself is notable.  I have a fairly poor track record when it comes to sleeping on overnight flights and a lot of that is due to the fact that most airlines don’t have lie-flat beds that are truly horizontal .  Swiss does and that really did make a difference.

The cabin crew was friendly and the service was excellent but what I valued most was sleep so I could start my day in Europe with both feet on the ground.  Zurich Airport is modern and easy to navigate so, thanks to Swiss, I was off to a running start for this trip.


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