Swiss Business Class Flight 15 New York JFK – Zurich – Review

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My seat, 12A, was in the second business-class cabin (the first business-class cabin is a mini-cabin comprised of two rows).

Swiss has a very unusual – and very comfortable – seating configuration on the A330 in business class.  On the left side of the cabin, the rows alternate between one and two seats.  In this manner, there is room under the generously-sized armrests for each fully-flat and horizontal bed.

There are two seats in the center in each row and one seat along the right side of the cabin.  Thanks to this design, roughly 90% of business-class passengers have direct-aisle access.

In addition to the 45 business-class seats, there are eight first-class seats and 183 seats in the main cabin.  Clever touches abound.  For example the seatbacks in coach have a pull-down cupholder for passengers to use when the tray table is stowed.  The spacious first-class seats deserve to be called suites and extend to over two meters in length when the bed button is pressed.

12A was a single seat and therefore had two large armrests (see photo).  There was ample storage (bags can be placed in the footwell for take-off and landing): above the footwell was a shelf suitable for reading material or an iPad tablet. (The footwell lights up when the “mood light” button is pressed for a cool effect.)

The seat itself is a masterpiece of engineering.  You can choose between firm and soft (it’s infinitely adjustable) and there’s a massage option as well.  There are three settings, namely bed, lounge, and takeoff/landing.

Thanks to an ingenious indicator light, flight attendants can see if a seat is not in the proper position for takeoff or landing.

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