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As an experienced frequent business and leisure flier, Fareed finds the difference between domestic travel and international air travel becoming more pronounced.

“I’ve noticed a widening difference in the quality of service between domestic and international air travel.” International air carriers, Fareed has found, “are much more focused on accommodating passengers’ needs, and provide service above and beyond what domestic carriers provide.” In contrast, she adds, it seems that domestic air carriers are coming up with new charges for services that were once a standard of travel on a daily basis. “It’s unpleasant to have to fork over more money after arriving at the airport when you just want everything taken care of.”

“In flying, I understand the need for heightened security measures; however, it is important that we make more efforts to lessen airport angst,” she notes.

Beyond that, Fareed has her own strategies for making her trips more pleasant and efficient. “I couldn’t travel without my iPhone–music, camera, and e-mail all in one device. Time always goes by a little faster when my favorite music is playing, and I find that the photo quality is also good enough that I haven’t had to bring along my camera on recent trips. I don’t generally worry too much about entertainment if I’m flying with a major airline, as the in-flight entertainment is usually impressive.”

“My MacBook is also great; it’s so light, yet has all of the capabilities I need to stay connected and not miss a second of the New York minute.”

(Photo of Abu Dhabi International Airport: Nuno Nogueira)

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