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Fareed’s favorite airport? Abu Dhabi International (pictured). “It’s a seamless experience from arrival to departure,” she explains. “You can be in and out of the airport literally in minutes. It’s also very easy to navigate: You can go from ticketing to take off in about 20 minutes, including security and immigration.”

For Fareed, one of the real pleasures of the airport is the shopping, which she describes as “not the typical duty-free airport experience. It’s a cultural one as well, where you can shop for local gold, clothing, and art.”

Given her affinity for Abu Dhabi International Airport, it’s not surprising that Fareed is partial to Etihad Airways. “They’re the definition of luxury air travel, and their customer service is unparalleled. I wish they flew domestically [in the U.S.].”

“Etihad’s Diamond Lounge offers complimentary spa services from Six Senses Spa prior to departure, showers, sleeping facilities, five-star dining, a library, and even a family room for children. Other amenities include nanny services so you can leave your kids and enjoy duty-free shopping, private conference rooms for business meetings, and services to iron and steam clothes.”

As a Gold Member of the Etihad Guest frequent flyer program, some of the benefits Fareed enjoys are no black-out dates for flights, the ability to transfer miles to friends and colleagues, and using the miles to shop the Etihad Web site for items such as iPods, jewelry, and watches.

“Another big benefit is that Gold Members can call anytime and are guaranteed a seat [on a flight] within 24 hours. As a Gold Member, you and a guest also have access to Etihad Golf Club in Abu Dhabi, where you can take lessons and attend golf tournaments.”

Back in the U.S.A., she says, “Palm Springs International Airport is another favorite of mine. It’s like a step back in time to when it was glamorous to travel. There is one luggage carousel, you can walk to the car rental pickup, and everyone seems to be smiling.”

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