Gateway Special Services Airport Meet and Greet Service- Review

By Jonathan Spira on 22 February 2012
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It was bound to happen.  I left my house with plenty of time to spare, even allowing for traffic.  My car’s navigation system had other ideas.  With a departure time  for my Continental flight to Japan of 10:45 a.m., the navi was predicting arrival at Newark’s Terminal A at 11:15.

Undeterred, I stared out at the traffic.  Fortunately, the closer I got, the better the estimated time of arrival looked.  It would be tight, but I didn’t panic.  I had previously arranged for Gateway Special Services to have someone meet me curbside and escort me through check-in and security.

I arrived at 10 a.m. and Odelia was waiting outside.  We spoke by phone several times as the drive progressed so she knew I was running late.  However she didn’t sound terribly concerned.  I wasn’t the first client to arrive later than expected and I also wasn’t anywhere close to being the latest-arriving passenger she had ever greeted.

Odelia knew the airport – and its personnel – like the back of her hand.  She had already checked me in and had my boarding pass in her hand.  She escorted me to the security checkpoint but we used the lane that airport and airline employees use – there was no wait.

All of a sudden, my lateness had turned into a non-issue and I actually had time to sit in the lounge and relax for a few minutes – and even take some photos of parked aircraft since the lounge had a great view of the grounds.  Even going to the lounge was an adventure. Odelia had arranged for a electric cart and driver and we were at the United Club lounge in seconds.

She monitored the flight and, when it was time to board, she came back to the lounge – with the electric cart.

It was at the gate that she bade me goodbye and wished me a pleasant flight.

In retrospect, it was more than a tad fortuitous that I had contacted Gateway.  I might have still made my flight but it would have been a challenge.  Instead, it was more an exercise of just-in-time management without any stress whatsoever.  And isn’t that the ultimate in luxury travel?

Gateway Special Services
Tel. 866 397-6338

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