Dyson Hot Fan Heater Review

By Paul Riegler on 2 February 2012
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Space heaters are ubiquitous – and necessary.  One finds them in homes, offices, kiosks, and even hotels.

Space heaters are also source of great concern.  Most people simply don’t feel comfortable leaving a space heater on in an empty room or where pets or children are around, for fear it will fall over and cause harm.

Dyson has applied the same thinking to its Hot fan heater as it did to the company’s AM01 table fan.  Just as the fan, it uses the company’s Air Multiplier technology to move air without the typical buffeting of a standard blade fan. Instead, the fan uses an airfoil-shaped ramp to amplify the airflow.  Unlike the fan, it also warms the air.


Setup was simple and easy. After removing it from the box, I attached the plastic stand,  removed the protective plastic film around the base and plugged it in.  A small remote is included.  I found it easy to use but my mother found the buttons too small and the red and blue (for hot and cold) markings too unclear (I have to agree on the latter point).  You can attach the remote to the top of the fan via a built-in magnet so you won’t lose it.

Operation is very simple.  Turn it on (either with the remote or the power button on the unit), set the desired temperature and speed, determine if you need it to oscillate (its oscillation range is impressive and oscillation itself is silent), tilt it as necessary, and you are on your way to lots of hot air.

We generally found it would warm a room quickly and it was easy to set and forget as the built-in temperature control seemed to work well.  Most importantly, it was not a safety hazard.


The Dyson Hot fan heater projected heat farther than other space heaters I’ve used and took the chill out of a room faster than the others as well.

The only issue some might have is the price.  It sells for $399 in blue on amazon.com although at least one amazon.com partner is selling the white model for roughly $40 less.  Most space heaters sell in the $30-$50 price range although I did find a few that were close to $200.  Nonetheless, if you have had trouble keeping a room or area warm, the Dyson Hot may be very well worth the investment on a cold winter’s night.  We’ll continue to test the Hot throughout the winter to see how it does.


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