Park Hyatt Tokyo – Hotel Review

By Jonathan Spira on 18 January 2012
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Stepping inside the glass-and-granite Shinjuku Park Tower in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood brings a temporary respite to the chaos of the city, as one is whisked to a quiet oasis, the Park Hyatt, a hotel that occupies the top 14 floors of Kenzo Tange’s 235 meter-high architectural masterpiece.

You start on the 41st floor, and you can only go up from there.  I was warmly greeted and immediately escorted up to my room, where I first began to notice the views.


My room felt more like a private apartment a hotel room.  Its décor was tastefully understated, and it was clear that tremendous attention had been paid to detail in choosing everything from the light fixtures to the wood paneling to the pieces of art placed throughout the room.

On the bookshelf was a welcome gift, a box containing a Baumkuchen (this is one of my favorite German cakes, literally a “log cake” or “tree cake,” and I was surprised to find out that it is very popular in Japan as well, having been introduced to the country at the end of the First World War).

The walk-in closet was as generously sized as the bath, which had a wonderful soaking tub and a separate shower. I found a tie rack in the closet, a nice and unusual touch.

The bed seemed larger than a standard king and it was extremely comfortable.  I woke up very early the next morning for my flight on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, but I felt refreshed despite the early hour.

The room was on the 50th floor and what really grabbed me was the view.  Simply put, the views were jaw dropping.  Despite previous stays in Tokyo, I had never stayed in this area and had never seen the city from this perspective.  There were buildings of all sizes and shapes, all next to each other, and at night, the city’s lights seemed to go on forever. (For a multimedia show of the view, see Virtual Tours on page 2 of this article.)


The large black writing desk in the corner was more than sufficient for my needs, and I was pleased to find pre-attached plug adapters in the outlets by the desk, another example of the thoughtful attention to detail that the Park Hyatt exudes.  Fast Internet (choice of Wi-Fi or wired) was available at no charge.  A Japanese mobile phone was also available for guests to use at no charge, although I had no need for an additional phone.

I approached the desk chair with a bit of apprehension, as it was hardly the ergonomic, adjustable type I tend to favor, but my fears were unwarranted, and it was quite comfortable for working at the computer.

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