Kondoot Unveils Social Live Video Broadcasting

By Paul Riegler on 10 December 2011
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Kondoot, a new company based in Australia, is launching its live video broadcasting service in the U.S.  Using a free iOS or Android app or a PC, anyone can broadcast to an unlimited number of viewers at no cost to either broadcaster or viewer.  Users can make broadcasts available to anyone on Kondoot or limit them to specific people who are Kondoot members.

For individuals or organizations who want to charge attendees a fee, Kondoot supports private live events where attendees pay via PayPal to attend.  The host gets 80% of the revenue while Kondoot takes 20%.

Kondoot offers a social media experience through its worldwide community of users.  Unlike YouTube, which presents canned video, Kondoot allows individuals and businesses to host spontaneous activities live and unscripted, if desired.   Businesses, bands, brands, authors, and others can create free pages with related information.

Since the site soft launched three months ago, the company has attracted members from 133 countries.


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