Dyson Air Multiplier AM01 Table Fan Review

By Jonathan Spira on 10 December 2011
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The table fan is a simple device, typically consisting of rotating blades, driven by a motor, that act on the air.  The first electric fan was invented shortly after the introduction of electricity in the late nineteenth century and the underlying design and concept has changed little in the ensuing period.  That is, of course, until James Dyson a British industrial designer who is best known for his bagless vacuum cleaner, decided to reinvent it.

Dyson developed what he calls air multiplier technology to move air without the typical buffeting of a standard blade fan. Instead, the fan uses an airfoil-shaped ramp to amplify the airflow.

The Dyson AM01 Table Fan has a 10.5” loop.   Its overall dimensions are 19.5” x 12” x 6”. It comes in an attractive gloss white finish that did not seem to attract dust or fingerprints.


Setup was minimal. After removing it from the box, I removed the plastic film around the base and plugged it in.  I looked to see if there was a remote in the box but, unfortunately, it does not come with one (a remote is included with the larger Tower Fan).

Operation is very simple.  Turn it on with the power switch, use the potentiometer to set the speed, determine if you need it to oscillate (it’s oscillation range is impressive and oscillation itself is silent), tilt it slightly if necessary, and you are on your way to cool air.

At higher flow settings, it is quite loud but the low setting is more than sufficient for almost all conditions unless you need to create a wind-tunnel effect.   In fact, the lowest setting still moves a lot of air so it’s not a good fit if you want a fan close by, it would probably be too powerful.

Unlike fans with blades, where the blades tend to become dust-encrusted over time, the Dyson fan stays clean.  The base needs to be wiped off every once in a while as that is where the air intake is.


One of the things I like about the bladeless design is that the fan itself blends into the background.   I hardly notice its presence.  The fan is also safe for children and pets and knocking it down won’t cause an injury unless it falls on you.

The only issue some might have is the price.  Dyson sells it for $299.99 although Amazon currently has it available for $149.99.   While both prices exceed what one might typically expect to pay for a fan, it does deliver what Dyson promises and looks good while doing so.

Available for $149.99 at www.amazon.com

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