Delta First Class New York JFK to Phoenix Flight 1481 Review

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Once we were at cruising altitude, flight attendants began to serve dinner.  I ordered the pasta, which was cold in the center and remained cold even after the flight attendant brought it back to the galley to be warmed twice.  The salad and dessert were, on the other hand, excellent as was the chicken entrée that Christian ordered.

The plane was equipped with live television, which meant that this aircraft was probably a former Song aircraft (Song was a Delta-owned low cost carrier that operated from 2003 to 2006).

A  World Series game was in progress and it was an interesting experience to be able to watch live tv while in flight.  The system was able to receive channels from CBS, NBC, and ABC as well as CNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, AMC, and Discovery, among others.

Unfortunately, the in-flight entertainment (IFE) system – including the live TV – kept rebooting during the flight.


Delta was the first to feature Gogo’s new multimedia portal in October. Instead of just offering online access, the system gives passengers access to flight information, weather at the destination, news, information about the destination, and access to online shopping deals. 

Passengers were invited to customize a Ford Mustang and also receive free access to Facebook during the flight.

Download and upload speeds were excellent, 0.80 Mbps downstream and 0.27 up.


Despite the delay of one hour and 38 minutes at the start of the trip, we arrived at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix only 58 minutes late.  Since we only had carry-on bags, we had no further delays and headed to our hotel.


While a medical emergency is not grounds for a complaint, the manner in which this one was handled was and the circumstances merit greater attention, if for no other reason so as to ensure that other ill passengers are also not subjected to a 45-minute wait for paramedics when it is customary that they be at the gate before an aircraft even returns.

The flight itself was otherwise uneventful, the service was generally good, but IFE problems and cold entrées made for a less than exceptional experience this time around.

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