ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner Tokyo Haneda to Okayama – My First Flight and Review

By Jonathan Spira on 13 December 2011
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ANA is the first airline in the world to fly the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  To celebrate, the airline’s first two Dreamliners received a special livery that features the numbers 787 painted in large bold numerals on the front of the fuselage.

By the end of 2012, ANA expects to have 20 Dreamliners in its fleet and it will have a total of 55 by 2018.  They will be configured in short- and long-haul versions, with different seating plans. The long-haul aircraft will provide 158 seats (46 in business, 112 in main cabin) and the short-haul jets will have 222 seats (42 in business, 180 in the main cabin).

Initial flights for crew familiarization are on domestic routes from Tokyo (Haneda) to Okayama and Hiroshima.  The two initial Dreamliners have a temporary configuration of 264 seats (12 business class, 252 in main cabin).  The Tokyo-Okayama route is the first regularly scheduled 787 run and started operation on November 1.  Hiroshima started later the same day.

The 787 is an integral part of ANA’s future business plans.  At the roll-out of the very first 787 this past August in Seattle, Mitsuo Morimoto, a senior vice president at ANA, made it clear that the Dreamliner will be used “to expand our business, particularly our international routes” and that the aircraft will play an  “instrumental role” in significantly increasing revenue from international operations.

ANA sees the 787 as strategic in a manner similar to how Pan Am saw the 707 and 747 in the early days of the jet age.  ANA doesn’t only want to be the number one airline in Asia in passenger traffic and revenue; it also wants to be perceived as the number one airline for “customer satisfaction” and “quality” according to Morimoto.

ANA also expects to generate fuel savings of up to ¥10 billion (ca. $132 million) per year thanks to the Dreamliner’s greater fuel efficiency (20%) which comes from the composite materials used in the fuselage and more efficient climate control systems.

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