Air France A380 New York JFK to Paris Affaires Business Class Review

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Upon entering the aircraft, I was warmly greeted by several flight attendants and offered a pre-departure beverage.  An amenity kit that included eyeshades and socks was already at my seat, as was a hanger that the flight attendant used for my jacket.

The highlight of the flight was the dinner service.  Passengers arrive with high expectations from Air France, and they don’t leave disappointed.

Dinner was served on elegant white china with white linens.   Because  I wanted to get as much sleep as possible, I had the appetizer and the cheese course, accompanied by a glass of the Joseph Drouhin Saint-Véran Chardonnay.  C’était magnifique.

My meal on the return flight was wonderful, and, since it was a daytime flight, I stayed awake and enjoyed the meal.

After the amuse-bouche, I enjoyed an appetizer that included salmon tartare and a fois gras terrine flavored with coffee (which I was surprised to find works very nicely).  The entrée, pan-seared veal, was perfectly prepared and served with sautéed French green beans, shallots, and buckwheat pasta with chanterelle mushrooms. Other choices for the entrée included oven-roasted chicken, grilled salmon, and gnocchi. A marvelous dessert, which included coconut mousse, mini chocolate shortbread, and a pear-quince tartlet, was served at the end,

About one hour prior to arrival, breakfast was served.  I was disappointed that there was no hot entrée, but the rolls and pastries were excellent, as was the fresh fruit.


Despite a 15-minute delay in our departure, our flight arrived five minutes early.   Business-class passengers were able to disembark fairly quickly from the top deck.  Since I was connecting to another Air France flight (to Frankfurt), I simply made my way to my departure gate.


I knew that I was going to have a pleasant flight when the first flight attendant (whose English was perfect incidentally) I encountered encouraged me to continue speaking French (despite my lack of recent practice) and helped me along.  Thanks to her, I actually felt a lot more comfortable during the remainder of my trip when I spoke French, despite my lack of fluency.  All of the cabin crew members that I interacted with were friendly and genuinely interested in making my flight as comfortable as possible.  I was truly sorry when my flight was over, and I had to leave the comfort of the aircraft. However,  I look forward to another enjoyable flight on Air France, and I plan on practicing my French prior to that trip.




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