Tumi T-Pass Business Class Brief Pack Review and Report

By Jonathan Spira on 8 September 2011
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When I first received my Tumi T-Pass Business Class Brief Pack, I was sure I was going to hate it.  It was big and somewhat ungainly.  Why would I replace my elegant, svelte Tumi T-Pass brief with this, uh, backpack?

The answer, I was to discover, was simple.  After my first trip with the bag (I’ve had it for several months now and taken it on a dozen or so trips), I was sold.

No matter what I wanted to put into the bag, it fit.  The bag has a separate laptop compartment, connected to the rest of the bag via a zipper.  This compartment can handle laptops up to 15” and has removable foam blocks to accommodate laptops of different sizes.

On the exterior, there are two generously-sized side pockets (I use one for my Revo sunglasses and the other for a variety of small items including a shoehorn and pens).  Up front, there are two U-zip pockets and a lower pocket with a pocket for business cards.The lower U-zip pocket conceals a zipped compartment that is perfect for storing a wallet and/or passport.  I use the top U-zip pocket for storing eyeshades, Wash ‘N Dri moist towelette packages, and other sundry items one might need on a trip.

Inside, there’s a removable accessory pouch, extremely useful for chargers and cables, and a sleeve that’s perfect for my Apple iPad. There are also three smaller open pockets which can hold anything from medications to USB drives.  The bag has a key hook, which I don’t use, as well as pen loops (which I use when I remember to put the pens back in).

My original T-Pass brief was one of the first checkpoint friendly bags on the market, which meant that I could leave my laptop in the case when sending it through the x-ray machine at airport security.   The Business Class Brief Pack has a similar compartment, although it has much better padding and it is much easier to open and close when going through the checkpoint.

The Tumi T-Pass Business Class Brief Pack does indeed cost more than lesser backpacks but what one gets is an intelligent and useable design and excellent quality with heavy-duty zippers and extremely durable and good-looking materials.  $395 at www.tumi.com

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