Pet Peeve Survey: Many Hotels Fail to Deliver Quiet Rooms and Working Internet

By Ben Rossi on 7 September 2011
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Staying in a hotel is a fact of life for our readers, most of whom travel on business and expect to be able to get a good night’s sleep, check e-mail, and do work at their hotels. Based on a survey of our readers conducted over the past few months, it appears that hotels in general get decidedly low marks in these basic areas.

We compiled a list of 18 popular pet peeves with the help of numerous frequent travelers (omitting such perennial complaints as expensive parking, costly minibars, and the like) and came up with a list of 18 hotel annoyances. We then asked our readers to rank the things they find most vexing about their hotel experiences (see the full survey results on page 2).

Nearly 400 readers participated in the survey and, in addition, many took part in our discussions on popular online travel forums including FlyerTalk and MilePoint. The enthusiastic response we got attests to the fact that, for business travelers, hotel inconveniences are not hypothetical, and they’re not always merely minor nuisances. They are an all-too common aspect of travel, and can seriously impact the success of a business trip.

Among the top ten peeves identified by our readers, half pertain to things that keep travelers from sleeping, including hallway noise (number 4), drapes that don’t fully close (number 5), noise from neighboring rooms (number 6), staff ignoring the Do Not Disturb sign (number 9), and alarm clocks left set (number 10). Arguably, the number 1 peeve, climate control that isn’t easily adjustable, is also a big contributor to sleepless nights.

This is a striking finding since, if nothing else, the basic aim of a good hotel is to provide guests with comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. The fact that the majority of our readers found hotels lacking in this area is striking, to say the very least.

Three of the remaining top ten peeves were problems that affect a traveler’s ability to work in the room: expensive Internet (number 2), insufficient or inaccessible electrical outlets (number 3), and slow Internet (number 8).

Depending on one’s point-of-view, there may be some overlap between the two categories of peeves. For example, noise from the hallway or neighboring rooms may be just as much an impediment to productive work as to sleep.

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