Skype for iPad Review and Test Report

By Jonathan Spira on 2 August 2011
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Skype finally released its long-awaited iPad app, Skype for iPad, and the device’s large screen is perfect for two-way video calls in a way that a PC (even a laptop) or a mobile phone is not.  The app supports portrait and landscape mode for video calling and, in our brief testing, image quality is excellent.

During my test calls, I was able to use both of the iPad 2’s cameras (one front, one back) which allowed me to show the other party what I was looking at during the call.

Skype supports multitasking on the iPad and users will receive Skype notifications if they are in other apps.

Users can conduct video calls with Skype users on Android, Mac, and Windows platforms as well as on Skype-enabled HDTVs.  There is no charge for the call and instant messaging is supported during video calls.  Only two parties can be in a call, unlike other Skype for Windows and Mac, both of which support a total of 10 parties on a video call.

Contacts are displayed on large tiles with avatar photos where available but there is no option for smaller tiles, which would be useful for large contact lists.

The Skype for iPad app supports normal Skype calling, including Skype-to-Skype calls which are free and calls to mobile and landline phones at low rates.  Users can send other users an SMS text message as well.

Skype for iPad works on both 3G and Wi-Fi networks and is a great step forward in allowing greater mobility for video.

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