Revo Polarized Sunglasses Review

By Jonathan Spira on 17 June 2011
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Sunglasses may be forever associated with aviators and glamorous Hollywood actors and actresses but, in reality, they are an important form of protective eyewear that can prevent significant eye damage.

Many people – including business travelers – underestimate the importance of proper sunglasses both when at home and while on the road.  Good sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful rays such as ultraviolet radiation and blue light and they should be an essential item carried by every business traveler– both at home and while travelling.

Polarized sunglasses offer an additional level of safety over traditional sunglasses, which simply reduce all light equally.

I’ve been purchasing polarized sunglasses manufactured by Revo for over a decade now and would never go back to non-polarized lenses. Indeed, I still have my first pair.   They are that good.

A brief explanation of how polarized sunglasses work is in order.  With polarized lenses, the vertically aligned polarizing filters  effectively block reflections where the light vibrates in a horizontal direction, which is the main component of reflected glare.

Moreover, when reflections are caused by fog or rain, the reflections are at a variety of angles.   The polarized sunglasses block out the horizontal components of the scattered light and this in turn reduces glare.

This makes polarized sunglasses ideal for outdoor activities such as driving, flying and boating, reducing eyestrain and making it easier for the wearer to see and navigate his environment.

My newest pair of sunglasses is the Revo Waypoint from the company’s Acetate line.  Similar to other Revo eyewear, the lenses are made with Revo Crystal, which uses the Polarcast technology and Element Shed hydrophobic and anti-reflective lens coatings to keep glare out of my eyes.  The full-sized frame is super comfortable, provides maximum protection, and the Acetate frame is adjustable.




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