Hotel Hessischer Hof, Frankfurt – Review

By Jonathan Spira on 20 June 2011
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My first interaction with the Grand Hotel Hessicher Hof Frankfurt’s staff was weeks before my arrival.  It was a chat with the hotel’s concierge.  We didn’t speak on the telephone, however.   Rather, the conversation took place on the Web via the hotel’s unique Concierge chat function.  Within seconds of clicking on the concierge button, I was pleasantly greeted by “Concierge” and he (or she) addressed all of my questions including a discussion of how to get from the Frankfurt airport to the hotel.  (Once at the hotel, I learnt that the hotel’s general manager had gotten the idea for the online concierge from a similar system available on the Web site of the Swedish retailer Ikea.)

Soon I would be checking into the Hessischer Hof, not once but twice.  The warmth and elegance of the hotel made an immediate – and rather positive – impression.  The location,  across from the Messe or convention center as well as from the U-Bahn station,  couldn’t have been more convenient.


Place your keycard in front of the clearly marked sensor and the door not only unlocks, but it pops open (why didn’t anyone think of that before?).

My standard room, which I occupied during my first visit, had a terrific view of the Messe; it was especially striking at night.  A fresh fruit platter and bottle of mineral water greeted me and these items provided to all guests as a welcome amenity.  There is no charge for items from the minibar (which contains beer and soda).

My executive room (second visit) was in the hotel’s newly-renovated wing and was elegantly furnished with a mix of modern and traditional pieces.  The room’s separate sitting area was convenient for meetings.  In the evening, a wonderful slice of cake appeared in my room with a note from the manager.


In both rooms, lighting was excellent for reading in bed and working at the wooden writing desks.  The desk chairs, while in both cases a (different) period piece, were comfortable and provided excellent support. Wi-Fi (free) was fast (I saw download speeds of 12-13 Mbps, unheard of in a hotel) and available in all areas.

Not travelling with a computer but need one?  Simply proceed to the old-fashioned telephone booths across from the reception area, open one of the doors.  Inside you will find two state-of-the-art Windows-based desktop computers.

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