AblePlanet True Fidelity NC200B Headphones Review

By Paul Riegler on 1 June 2011
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The challenge for any business traveler is to find lightweight, compact, and useful accessories. If they don’t meet those three criteria, they shouldn’t be in one’s carry-on.  The AblePlanet True Fidelity NC200B headphones fit all three and are a relatively inexpensive solution to being able to hear audio in noisy environments such as on an aircraft.

The NC200B headphones were comfortable, thanks to the leatherette padding on the headband and earcups.  As the band isn’t overly tight, the user feels no uncomfortable pressure.  A volume control and a shirt clip are built into the cable (which is detachable) and a quarter-inch adapter for home audio equipment is included.

Sound quality with noise cancellation turned on is good but not excellent.  There was a decent amount of bass and high notes were reasonably clear.  For the price of $99.99 the headphones represent an excellent value.

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