Frequent Traveler Poll: Your Top Hotel Pet Peeves

By Greg Spira on 21 March 2011
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If you are like most Executive Road Warrior readers, you travel a lot and stay in better hotels.  But even the best hotels in the world aren’t perfect and are capable of doing things that drive us mad.  We want to know what these things are.  Drag your biggest pet peeves to the top of the list and feel free to add comments below this article as well.

We compiled this list with the help of numerous frequent travelers (including several dozen members of the Luxury Hotel Forum on

Please note that we deliberately left such tired peeves as “expensive parking,” “no free breakfast,” and “expensive minibar” off our list.

Frequent travelers KNOW that most beverages in a minibar are expensive and they also know enough to choose a hotel that offers a free breakfast if that is high on their list of priorities.  Hotels in the best parts of town are also typically in the most expensive parts of town, and that means not only isn’t parking free, but it might cost $50 or more.

Our Hotel Pet Peeve Poll is more subtle and intended to cover what happens once you check in, are in your room, and begin to experience the property.

The Hotel Pet Peeves Poll will run through May 31, 2011.

Editor’s Note: The survey/poll tool works best with Internet Explorer. We are working with the provider to iron out wrinkles with other browsers.



-Greg Spira is Executive Road Warrior’s Editorial Director.

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