Tips for Setting Up Your New Speakers

By Paul Riegler on 1 December 2010
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Here are a few tips for setting up and placing your new speakers.

1.)        Use decent speaker wire.  While the pricey Monster cables may be overkill, the cheap stuff will actually kill your sound

2.)        Check your speaker placement.  Ideally, tweeters should be close to ear level and the left/right speakers should be equidistant from your listening position.  Don’t leave speakers buried in book cabinets either.  Use floor stands or wall mounts.

3.)        Make sure you label your cables and connect the right ones.  Having the left channel coming out of the right speaker makes a dramatic difference on the quality of your listening experience.

4.)        Look at your environment.  Bright, reflective surfaces (mirrors and windows, for example) as well as bare wood or tile floors make for a harsh sound.  Rugs, carpeting, and curtains will greatly improve the sound.

–Paul Riegler is Technology Editor of Executive Road Warrior.

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