Sena Folio iPad Case Review

By Paul Riegler on 1 December 2010
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Smartphone, tablet, and PDA users are always in search of the perfect case, and this is especially important for business travelers.   With the introduction of the Apple iPad and other tablets earlier this year, many of us now have a new device to carry with us on our trips – and we need to protect it from damage.

Last year, we came across Sena in our search for a high-quality and innovative iPod touch case.  This year, Sena has added the Folio, a leather, book-style iPad case, to its lineup.

The Folio isn’t limited, however, to holding an iPad.  It has pockets for credit cards, a checkbook (for those who still carry one of these), and a clear pocket (presumably for use with an identification card of some sort).

In addition, the Folio has a nicely-integrated collapsible stand that allows you to watch movies at the right angle.  When not in use, the stand is recessed in the case.

The hand-crafted Folio, available in black, brown, and red, is reasonably priced, made from soft calfskin Napa leather, and has an protective layer built into the case to protect the device within.


-Paul Riegler is Technology Editor at Executive Road Warrior.

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