Logitech Revue with Google TV – Review and Test Drive

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Setting Up the Revue

To set up the Revue, I took the HDMI cable that came with the unit and connected it to my Verizon FiOS set top box.  I moved the cable running from my TV to the STB to the Revue, plugged in the power supply, and I was off and running.

It took more time to figure out the specific model numbers for my Sony TV and Motorola FiOS settop box than anything else.

The Revue’s interface is easy-to-use and has a very modern feel.  It’s also fast.  Pressing the home button overlays the menu over the current content, allowing one to switch quickly between apps.  The menu itself could be a bit more direct (I prefer Apple’s approach of Movies and TV versus Applications and Bookmarks, for example).  One can customize the Bookmark section extensively as well.

I set up a Google account for this particular purpose because a Google account is required in order to sync photos and video subscriptions with the device.  At the time I am writing this review, I feel as if I am just scratching the surface in terms of the functionality available in the Revue and Google TV but the (almost) universal Google search function is worthy of note.

The search feature will search streaming video, the Web, and broadcast TV to find the content you are looking for.  It’s a great idea but it doesn’t always work.

For starters, Google doesn’t search Netflix, which is unfortunate since Netflix’ on-demand movies are perhaps the single most important service available on the device.  Otherwise, search worked reasonably well and made it easy to access content.

The Netflix interface is antiquated.  I had to go into my computer’s browser to get a code to use for the setup and you can’t add new films to your viewing queue from the device, a major oversight.

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