8 Reasons Why I Sold my iPad and Bought a MacBook Air

By Paul Riegler on 3 November 2010
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I’ve had an iPad for over a month but, after spending over an hour in an Apple Store, I decided to replace it with a basic 11″ MacBook Air. I plan to sell the iPad on eBay as I’m not really satisfied with it.

I know you will ask why so I’ll tell you.

1.) It is no laptop. Every trip away from home, I wanted to do something and then realized, “Oh, I can’t do that on the iPad.”  The bottom line is that the iPad runs the iOS software and is closer to a very large iPod Touch than a replacement for a notebook.  It didn’t take long after I started traveling with the iPad as my primary computing device for me to begin missing not having a laptop with me.  I considered buying a used Mac laptop to fill the gap but, with the release of the new 11″ basic Air, it wasn’t practical to buy a 4+ year old machine.

2.) Multi-Tasking is big for me. I want to be able to watch the Sling Player and write and e-mail at the same time or chat on Skype.  Not possible on the iPad. While the software upgrade later this month will allow multiple apps to run at same time, only one at a time can remain open.

3.) Photo upload to MobileMe. This is partially a Mobile Me limitation but also an iPad issue. You can only upload one photo at a time on the iPhone and iPad. Also you can e-mail only five photos at a time. You can remotely upload photos using the iPad to Mobile Me only if you have already set up a folder in the MobileMe Gallery at home on the iMac before leaving. There is no iPhoto gallery manipulation on the iPad.

4.) I really dislike carrying two separate components (the iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard). The Apple iPad case is not a great solution as a stand as you can’t adjust the angle. I don’t want to carry an additional stand as that would be three items to carry around. I really don’t like the on-screen iPad keyboard, so not carrying the BT keyboard is not an option.

5.) I can’t use my Bose headset with the iPad. It suffers from the same humming noise as the original iPhone.

6.) No Flash video.

7.) I don’t mind the dirty screen on the iPhone as it is easily wiped off, but the iPad screen is consistently dirty and is harder to clean without carrying around a cloth to do it.

8.) It’s only a matter of time before I am going to want a USB port to do something such as attach a flash drive, scan, or print.

–Paul Riegler is associate editor for technology at Executive Road Warrior

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