Summer Tech Guide – Briefly Noted

By Jonathan Spira on 25 June 2010
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Memorex Foldable Travel Speaker

The good-looking Memorex Travel Speaker is compact and can run off batteries when on the go.  Unfortunately, companies always face a compromise or two when designing tech gear intended for travel.  To achieve a lighter weight, for example,  plastics are used.  This, unfortunately, results in somewhat of a cheap feel. 

When plugged into the wall, it also serves as an iPod charger.   When folded flat, it measures 9 x 6.3 x 1.2, small enough to fit into most travel bags.

Sound quality was passable but not great; bass was almost non-existent.  The clock is a nice extra touch but it would be far more useful if it had an alarm feature as well.[clock wouldn’t have been more useful with an alarm; the whole gadget would be.  An alarm is not part of a clock]

$50.97 at

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Novothink Surge Solar Charger Series for iPhone 3g and 3gs, Model NT01

If you’ve ever been out by the pool all day, or you just landed after a long flight, only to find out that your iPhone needs a charge and there’s no outlet in sight, the Novothink Surge solar charger is for you.

Certified by Apple, the charger works with the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

If there are no clouds in the sky, expect 30 minutes of talk time after two hours in the sun.

$79.95 at Solar Arcadia

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BlackBerry VM-605 Visor Mount Bluetooth Car Kit

Many states in the U.S. and countries abroad require handsfree calling and many cars now come with built-in Bluetooth.

But business travelers will still encounter rental cars that don’t have this option and they may wish to bring their own.

The BlackBerry The BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth car kit has built-in Bluetooth v2.0 and supports Hands-Free and A2DP profiles.

We tested the kit with the new BlackBerry Bold 9700, the BlackBerry Pearl, and the iPhone 3GS.  Setup was simple and the sound quality was excellent.

$65.48 at

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