SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC Card Review

By Jonathan Spira on 27 June 2010
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All SDHC cards are not created equal.  Using SanDisk’s 32 GB Extreme 30 MB/s Edition SDHC cards is like having a hardened hard drive in your DSLR. Having 32 GB of storage helps you get more out of your camera.  The card features a lightning fast read and write speed of 200x (30 MB/s) which also supports faster photo and video transfers from camera to computer when used with the SanDisk ImageMate Multi-Card reader.

When SanDisk announced the card last summer, they hailed it as the world’s fastest 32 GB SDHC card on the market and that is probably still the case today.  The card can store up to 2500 RAW images and operates at a temperature range from -25° C to 85°C (-13° F – 185°F), which covers everything from Antartica to the Sahara.

We tested the card in a Nikon D90 and moving from a 4 GB card to this was a revelation.  Storage concerns and environmental considerations became a thing of the past.  It’s important, however, to keep in mind that backing up the card is critical since so much data will be stored on it.

The card, which comes with a lifetime warranty, includes a copy of RescuePro software, which allows the user to recover accidentally deleted images and data from any SanDisk memory card.

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